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Accurate, Flexible, and Stable
Skill-Rating Algorithm

Our matchmaking-rating algorithm creates better multiplayer experiences without complex tuning or maintenance; delivered securely via REST API


Skill-rating calculations
without the flaws of Elo or OpenSkill

IVK MMR -- born from our in-house development at Invokation Games -- redefines skill-ratings with exceptional transparency, fairness, and adaptability; enhancing the gaming experience for both players and developers.


With IVK, there's no need to hide MMR. Developers can show each player exactly how and why their rating changed after every match, or whether they're the underdog or the favorite going in.

Low Maintenance

Other MMR systems suffer from rating drift, expansion, or collapse. IVK provides stable ratings that don't require developer maintenance.


IVK MMR is adaptable and configurable for all game types; from 1v1, to Team Deathmatch, to Battle Royale -- or anything in-between.

How it works

Invoke the IVK REST API from the game with a simple POST request over HTTPS
  1. Game sends match results to IVK

    Typically this occurs once (at the end of the match). Battle Royale games may alternatively send requests for each team or player elimination.
  2. API performs calculations

    IVK computes each player's new matchmaking-rating according to the game's custom configuration.
  3. Game receives new MMR values

    The game server (or backend services) receives the new MMR values and explanatory data. The game can write the new values to persistent storage and optionally present the data to players.


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